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it’s not that i’m a scrooge or anything…

i’ve just gone off the idea of christmas, hannukah, kwanza, ramadan, winter solstice and the entire december gift giving thing. by no means am i being grouchy (!), i just don’t care anymore. there is too much expectation, too much commercialism and too much much.

still quite jealous of the child i was when santa still existed and toys were a made with such detail and care, now i look around and i see miles of plastic, colours that do not exist in nature and gifts that are re-gifted or worse, gifted just to be gifted. so, very different from ebenezer scrooge or the grinch, i don’t intend to have a change of heart and miraclously realize that i need to get on the consumer bandwagon. nope, not going to do it.

spreading my charm, good energy and generosity throughout the year should surely be enough. i do hope you enjoy one of my favorite songs based on a very good story by theodore geisel.


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