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actually, jude, there is heaven on earth.

wow. have you ever heard a 3 year old use the word “actually” in casual conversation? jude atkins has got it DOWN. what a funny wee man. mike and i just met him while visiting our friend clare (jude’s gran) and her son, sam (jude’s dada). it’s really amusing to watch how a 3 year old can train adults like they were pavlov’s dogs. in the defence of adults, we’re powerless. why wouldn’t you want to follow the instructions of a cool kid? and more importantly, do you want to hear same scream, pitch a fit or have a meltdown? no thank you. i’ll be trained. ring that bell.

actually, this is a picture jude atkins.

actually, this is a picture jude atkins.

jude and co. are in nelson, new zealand which is on the northern side of the south island. i love it there. i couldn’t live there full time, but i could certainly spent heaps of time there. we’ve also been taking jaunts up to auckland, and spending lots of time in the bay of plenty [katikai & tauranga] with mike’s family. 

so back to heaven on earth. my belief system (religious or otherwise) is quite simple: i believe in right or wrong, and the golden rule thingie. that said, the idea or concept of heaven, if there is one, exists on two islands to the upper right of australia. new zealand. there is one tiny thing that spoiled this country for me: lord of the rings. damn you peter jackson, damn you!! this lord of the rings smudge has added a layer of silly tourism to an otherwise pretty healthy tourism business. surely a 12 day tour of new zealand focusing on the lord of the rings isn’t a good thing, right? i find it a bit perverse mainly because new zealand is REAL. it’s not the imaginary vision of tolkien. and spending 12 days in this country focused on imaginary things? i dare say the real things wouldn’t be seen at all. a tragic pity, i feel.


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