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more politics. i can’t help it. i’m deeply concerned.

this election has been driving me crazy for longer than a minute and i’ve been really outspoken about my choices. but now that the pedal is really hitting the metal, i have some sincere concerns about the world (not just the country) will face:

what if john mccain keels over and dies? surely they would impeach palin. right? please agree here.

why did john mccain select palin? methinks it was impulsive and now an albatross around his wrinkly, pale neck. what was he thinking? i think he wasn’t thinking.

if you take the L out of palin you are left with PAIN.

palin just (last year) received her US passport. how can someone who recently traveled out of the country (for the first time) be a proper choice for vice president? foreign policy is a huge concern here; she isn’t even well traveled. she doesn’t know the name of the canadian prime minister. she doesn’t think that saying she knows about russia by seeing it from alaska is really naive! it begs the question: does she know she is actually seeing siberia and not where the real political action is? does she know russia broke up years ago and is no longer the soviet union? i am just asking.

SIDEBAR: what follows is my opinion. it sickens me when i see palin holding up her mentally challenged child to the crowd as if he was a trophy or some other award. she also claims she CHOSE to have the baby, downs syndrome or not. to be truthful, she didn’t choose because she doesn’t believe that choice is an option when pregnant. the crowd roars when they see this spectacle. but truly…no one, absolutely no one wants to have an abortion. the anti-abortionists seem to think women whimsically go out and get pregnant just so they can have an abortion. it’s a painful and difficult choice to terminate a child. but it’s a choice. having a choice is part of freedom that is guaranteed us by the constitution. the person who decides about the outcome of a pregnancy is the person carrying that baby and NO ONE else. SIDEBAR END.

can the world afford to have another president who can’t calmly and sensibly speak with other leaders? as we have seen in his countless appearances on telly, mccain is defensive, easily unnerved, inflammatory and doesn’t really answer questions asked of him. he answers the questions HE wants to answer. not a good thing. he thinks pundits are pundints, and says warsh instead of wash. doesn’t that make him seem even more like bush? i haven’t heard him actually say it, but my bet is that he also says nuke-ya-ler. do we really want the same old thing? (and i do mean OLD.) surely, if nothing else, it’s boring. don’t people like a change of pace? face it folks, what we have is NOT working. at ALL.

mccain is very scary. what’s even scarier is that many voters are pro-mccain because of the war hero shite. margaret cho said in her blog: “if mccain was such a good soldier, then why was he captured?” [apologies to margaret if the quote isn’t verbatim.] the question is: do all war heroes make good presidents?? the answer: no, they do not. 

bush has dug the US deeper into the ground than any president in history. he’s made the deficit a happy gigantic monster, perhaps so large it cannot be unraveled; he’s made the country a laughing stock throughout the world; he’s seriously, seriously just barely above average. while traveling, i claim canadian citizenry. saying you’re american while traveling is the firearm equivalent of putting a target on your back. and honestly, i’m embarrassed to be american at the moment.

i want the smart guy to win this election. with a shout out to jay smooth, [this is the time to elect the nerd, the smart guy]. that nerd, that geek, that smart and clever person is barack obama. i think alot of the appeal mccain/palin have is they don’t intimidate the lemmings of the country. they think, wow, i can relate…i can have a beer with this guy, or i can totally relate to being a mom. AHEM. i want the president to have gigantic brain that is incredibly knowledgeable about the law, the world around him, is smart enough to surround himself with the brightest of the bright, is refined, polished, dignified and capable. i want the president to be waaaaaaaaaay smarter than me. of course, i would be delighted to have barack and michelle as dinner guests, but i would be honoring them. i would not be kicking back and tipping cheap beers with them. 

please know i don’t personally wish mccain or palin by saying these things…i am just stating the opinions of someone who has traveled (passport received at age 16, now, well, i am lots older), who is educated, who can think critically and who truly cares about the future. i just don’t think mccain and palin are in the right line of work. they aren’t going to realize their full potential by being elected. mccain should probably bow out and potter around with his buddies in the service and focus on donating some of that fortune he shares with his wife to philanthropic concerns. yes, i said SHARE THE WEALTH. palin, i feel would make an exemplary guard in a maximum security prison. i am certain much of her constiuency is there, she wouldn’t have to be concerned about deceit [prison is full of naughty people] and she could put todd palin away where no one would have to look at his unctious, swarmy, white-trash ass ever again. well, maybe i am a bit of a little hater. but these are truly just suggestions.

isn’t it enough that the world isn’t like the jetsons (as was promised in my childhood)? do we have to backpedal even more? NO. we need to move forward.

my energy today and tomorrow will be focused on moving forward, to progress and for common sense to prevail. PLEASE join me in electing the smart guy.


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