aiga, blink, gain conference, jonah lehrer, malcolm gladwell, outliers, proust was a neuroscientist, roosevelt grotty hotel, tipping point

and now for something completely different.

i recently had the privilege to attend the gain conference in nyc, sponsored by aiga. hoooly shite it was chock-a-block with juicy information and amazing speakers. with designers, as with artists, one never really knows what to expect, even with a program in hand. i like that uncertainty.

of course there were the usual suspects from the design community, but some tasty treats not normally associated with the world of design [please note that designers are about to take over the word, peeps]. 

jonah lehrer, who appeared to be all of 16 [he’s actually 26], gave a great talk on umami, commonly known as monosodium glutamate. [jonah is the author of {and the best read in monthsproust was a neuroscientist.] okay, you had to be there, but trust moi, it was riveting. 




malcolm gladwell [who looked EXACTLY like i thought he would]  talked about fleetwood mac in the context of excellence. you can’t connect the dots? okay, you had to be there for that too. also, the excellence piece was very comforting and inspiring, as in “you too can have excellence if you stay the course.” [he spoke about excellence in the context of his new book, outliers. i’m re-reading blink and tipping point until i can get my hands on outliers.]

to be a designer in this day and age is a festival of little grey cells for me. i could live on a steady diet of art, design, neuroscience, pop culture and intellect instead of food. [ed. note: they need to find a new venue…the roosevelt hotel = grotty.] i’m already looking forward to the next installment.


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