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politics derailed my situation. and it still ain’t over.

i’ve been apolitical all my life, until this election. sure, it’s historic. but that isn’t why i’m spellbound. what is freaking me is the backlash against those of intellect and education in general. the red party is popular because they don’t intimidate their constituency. personally? we should have a president that is has a very large brain full of useful knowledge [law, foreign policy, the current wars in progress, economy], manners, circumspect, vision and who can remain cool, calm and collected. our nation is in some desperate situations [with more to come, i fear] and we need some serious leadership. i know this is corny…and oh my god, almost socialist, but we all really need to hold hands and sway. it’s time for a collective kum-bah-yah.

the video below is a prescient poem by jsmooth of ill doctrine. a word to the wise [an unwise], his vlog is worth catching on a regular basis. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.


more about “A Poem for The Young Voter“, posted with vodpod

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