art, chestnuts, chestnuts roasting, don't waste sunday in nyc, dopamine, hedonism, just like i pictured it. skyscrapers and everything, london, moma, muji, neurophysiology, new york city, no label, norepenephrine, norepinephrine, retail, retail therapy, saks

a nyc sunday. blue sky, crisp air, chestnuts roasting, moma and muji.

a sunday in new york can never be wasted by sitting around drinking espresso all day long. one must leg it, get out and see the sights.

the eyes got a full dose of unbelievably blue sky and rooms filled with great art and design; the nose smelled chestnuts and transported me back to my undergrad days; the ears were filled with vendors yelling, cabs honking, people chattering, sirens sirening; the tongue had to continue with the chestnut theme…and they were indeed delicious. the fingers had a busy day too–shooting a gazillion photographs. i love digital cameras; best thing since sliced bread.

and why do i include muji? i dunno. i guess because i have this uncontrollable need to spend money. better i get retail therapy there than in saks fifth avenue. one had to travel to london to the nearest muji outpost but there are now two shops in nyc. the japanese concept of “no label.” my concept of good design meets good price meets utilitarianism meets timelessness. i bought few things, but trolling around and looking at all the thoughtfully displayed and designed japanese items just made me happy. i guess muji is the retail equivalent of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.


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