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it’s slightly less than pleasant being a blue dot in a red sea.

when mike and i moved into our newly built house on the chattahoochee river, we drove past waaaaaaay too many homes with “bush/cheney” signs in their lawns. both of us were thinking: “oh fuck, what are we doing here? we just built a dream house and we’re surrounded by thousands of people that don’t share a shred of our moral compass. holy fucking shit. holy fucking SHIT!!”

that was four years ago, and now we anticipate mccain/palin lawn signs replacing bush/cheney signs that brought on abject fear four years ago. i must now rant and vent.

sarah palin: WTF??? never in my life have i witnessed such a lunatic in action. and she may be savvy about hunting and gathering, but she’s anything but clever. she’s more like a preditory animal with a high kill count. she’s anti-choice (which in my book makes her anti-woman), she wants to ban books, she wants to drill in the most lovely part of our country and perhaps some of the only untouched land anywhere (for oil that will take years to obtain and use–AND a finite resource for which we should find alternatives anyway), she talks right out of the stick that’s firmly implanted in her ass, she lies, she abuses her power for personal purposes, she is NOT attractive no matter what anyone says, she has no clue about foreign policy or domestic situations for that matter, she thinks being able to “see russia” makes her an expert on the subject, she is a fear monger and lots of other unattractive and negative qualities to numerous to mention or even think about here. she’s dangerous and she must be stopped. yet, she appeals to uneducated, myopic unthinking people in droves. the lemmings love her. and we all know what happens to lemmings. LISTEN CAREFULLY: sarah palin is EVIL. EVIL. EVIL.

i don’t think people realize that if anything happens to mccain (mind you he is already old and feeble), this uber-bitch-hockey-mom-squealer-monkey will become our president. if you think the world is going to hell in a hand basket with the current administration, she will likely bring total world annihilation. oh, and all the christians will call it the “rapture” and say “see? we told you the bible was the truth!” erm, no…it’s just some power-hungry-crazy-ass-idiot-woman pushing the “weapons fire!” buttons. she thinks they’re shiny and pretty, just like her red lipstick. how could she possibly resist?

on to some good stuff because i am getting really negatronic. 

let’s talk about the obamas, shall we? here are some (of the multitude) reasons why barack obama should be elected:

  • barack obama can play nice nice with people from other countries–he’s smart and he’s charming. he will be able to repair the US’s place with other countries of which a past president (bush) has made a complete mess. and i won’t have to pretend i am from canada when i travel. the world may just like the USA once again.
  • michelle obama will be first lady and the obamas will make a gorgeous first family (we deserve some attractive people who can form complete sentences in the white house for a change).
  • obama is incredibly intelligent and i believe he really does care and wants to make not just the country, but the world a better place.
  • i am sick and tired of old, pale, feeble, white rich guys calling the shots, they are annoying and just make bad situations worse. duh, what’s this? uh, uh, can’t remember the word, uhm, i don’t know, uhm, uhm, etc.
  • this is the first time since i have been able to vote that i have a real interest in a candidate being elected. i typically vote for the person i hate the least, because that is typically the only choice.
  • selecting joe biden as veep was wise. he will be a smart and fair advisor to obama. and should anything happen to obama, he would step in and step up to make a good president.
  • he doesn’t read as a “race”, he reads as a person. a world citizen.

the reasons are endless however this post is getting too long. feel free to comment and i will add more good stuff to the obama list.

so, blue dot in a red sea i shall remain. i don’t give a flying rat’s ass about people who think the mccain/palin ticket is in any way, shape or form an intelligent choice. i wouldn’t trust them to run the student council at my grade school or the cotton candy stand at the local 4H fair.

i want to stress that this is SERIOUS real life stuff, people and not the board game that palin thinks she’s playing. (i bet she cheats at games, too.)

one more thing. i am absolutely stupified that people are anti-obama based solely on his bi-racial heritage. get over the race thing, people. it’s never done anyone any good and it ain’t helping now. race is soooo irrelevant. try to focus on the issues, not peripheral stuff of little or no consequence.

rant complete and “SCENE.”


5 thoughts on “it’s slightly less than pleasant being a blue dot in a red sea.

  1. You are a righteous female my dear. And I love you for it. You must thank your parents for having sex one night so that you could land your holy ass here on planet earth. God, what a time we are living in?! You, and me and Anne must get together, go out for comfort food, and quietly rage about Wall Street, and Ms. Palin. Lord have mercy on our dear bottom ends. I feel like I am in an aircraft that is making a nose dive to divert an impending mid-air collision. “Tuck your head all the way into your ass!’ ‘Don’t inhale either the fumes will kill you.'”
    Enough said. I am a voting pole inspector for November 2008. I won’t let the mooses or is that meeses in at all – red lipstick or not!

  2. Patick says:

    Well said! Everything I have been thinking since this whole thing started.
    I can’t understand why anyone with even an iota of intelligence would even consider voting McCain/Palin.
    I hope more people think like you and I, we desperately need Obama/Biden to win if this Country stands a chance at pulling itself out of this financial crisis and repairing our international relations, not to mention a host of other things already mentioned.
    Tell your friends, tell your family, tell anyone that will or will not listen…OBAMA/BIDEN IN 08!

  3. chicken hammer
    great question. when we moved here, we didn’t know much about the area and didn’t know anyone we trusted to advise us. the house and the property are gorgeous. if we just stay in our own little piece of the planet, we’re good. and it really hasn’t been an issue other than election years. so it’s reared its ugly head again. this time, we are not choosing to live in a sea of red anymore. plans are underway to move much further east, as in across the pond.

  4. very well said. what i find mind blowing about red-staters is that if told that someone with the equivalent of palin’s (or bush’s) intellect and credentials would be teaching their kids or, better yet, performing surgery on them they’d probably blow a gasket. yet they have no problem with these jokers running the country.

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