"what" and "where" system, admiration, animals, art, bridget riley, eagle eye, figure/ground, illustration, imagination, impossible objets, magic, neurophysiology, obsessions, old school, optical art, perceptual abstraction, sight, vision

well, okies. maybe they will make *me* feel better too.

i invite you to allow your peepers to luxuriate in these visuals whilst your brain goes “WTF??”

hey, it’s not my fault your brain is confused. evolution hasn’t addressed the “what” and “where” systems yet. and don’t hold your breath…it won’t, for a long time. i wonder how an eagle, with its incredibly accurate and refined sense of vision would see these? their eyes are AMAZING. they make our eyes look like wobbly, old, feeble marbles that just happen to be stuck in our craniums.


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