"what" and "where" system, addiction, admiration, art, artists, collections, figure/ground, fucking amazing, geekiness, illustration, imagination, inspiration, magic, movement, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, nicked, obsessions, optical art, sight, vision

i felt compelled to share more visual delights.

just call me “equiluminesance”. now, i could show off and explain the neurophysiological implications of the illusions below. let’s just say when you look at these, your “what” and “where” systems get confused. but explaining would just add to my perceived turbo geekiness. suffice it to say, i find op art delicious, active eye candy.

oh, and i nicked each and every one of these from someone’s website, without permission. don’t worry–they’ll get over it.

tell me if you want to see more…i have a bunch of really good black and white examples as well.  

oh sweet mystery of vision. i love ye.


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