admiration, art, collections, fucking amazing, gigantic, humor (humour), impossible objets, miniature, out of scale

seeing stuff outta scale is always a welcome sight.

if you are a friend of mine, you know i love teency weency things and gigantic things that are way out of scale. i woke up to find this in my email today:

i was absolutely charmed and delighted.

this is an item on which i bid voraciously and tragically lost on ebay:

i really wanted to own this item (made deftly by a miniature obsessed woman [by miniature obsessed i am referring to her addictive personality toward things mini, not that the woman is of exceedingly small stature and is obsessed with making things]) i think the idea of having a wooden art box (thoroughly loaded as well) that can fit in the palm of my hand is awesome. since mike and i are downsizing, it seemed the perfect thing to add to the art collection. at least i have lovely fotos…*sigh*


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