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family weddings. conundrum: does one spend money on the wedding or a house?


okay, picture the top [monique lhullier] dress, [without the bolero-y thingie], on my tall, slender, gorgeous cousin named hannah. she was so beautiful, she didn’t look as though she was from this time and space. she looked exactly like her mother did many years ago when she married my father’s brother, uncle germ [herman]. hannah married an irishman named andrew. the wedding was chock-a-block with filipinos and irish — save my husband, who is english and other folks representing a few other nationalities.

here’s the thing: if i were to estimate the cost of this wedding (or even the dress), i would mention an amount that would be substantial enough to make a down payment on real estate in the san francisco bay area. the reception was held at the rotunda, the glorious restaurant that punctuates the top of the neiman marcus shop on union square in san francisco. there was an open bar (irish, duh) and the food was delicious. there were miniature desserts in addition to a cake that looked as though the wedding dress had a sugary baby. the tables were dressed in floral arrangements that were optical operas. the wedding party was dressed in chocolate brown and wore/carried chartreuse flowers. in all, my perfect wedding. 😛

me? i married my husband in a three second ceremony at cook county courthouse in chicago. 3 seconds: do ya?, do ya? yeah. yeah. my husband’s perfect wedding.

oh, and we invested in real estate, by the way.


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