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that acronym for “fucked up beyond all recognition.” posted for those of you who didn’t know, but are happy now that you DO know.

an acronym cum word i feel will be very useful nowadays.

please feel free to use liberally.

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seeing stuff outta scale is always a welcome sight.

if you are a friend of mine, you know i love teency weency things and gigantic things that are way out of scale. i woke up to find this in my email today:

i was absolutely charmed and delighted.

this is an item on which i bid voraciously and tragically lost on ebay:

i really wanted to own this item (made deftly by a miniature obsessed woman [by miniature obsessed i am referring to her addictive personality toward things mini, not that the woman is of exceedingly small stature and is obsessed with making things]) i think the idea of having a wooden art box (thoroughly loaded as well) that can fit in the palm of my hand is awesome. since mike and i are downsizing, it seemed the perfect thing to add to the art collection. at least i have lovely fotos…*sigh*

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imelda marcos. provincial cathedral. philippines.

as difficult as it is for me to understand, many people know not of imelda and ferdinand marcos. it follows they would not have a clue about the shoes and other items [in immense quantities] found in malacanang palace after the people power movement. quite sad, really…the story is a wonderful illustration of the filipino way of life: whoever has the most money wins. status is next to sainthood. more is more. should one have to go hungry in order to purchase the new louis vuitton bag, so be it. hunger can be quelled later. vuitton is forever.

stay tuned. for those of you who remember this debacle, i have a treat in store for you. here’s a teaser:

illustrations by tim carroll. 
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family weddings. conundrum: does one spend money on the wedding or a house?


okay, picture the top [monique lhullier] dress, [without the bolero-y thingie], on my tall, slender, gorgeous cousin named hannah. she was so beautiful, she didn’t look as though she was from this time and space. she looked exactly like her mother did many years ago when she married my father’s brother, uncle germ [herman]. hannah married an irishman named andrew. the wedding was chock-a-block with filipinos and irish — save my husband, who is english and other folks representing a few other nationalities.

here’s the thing: if i were to estimate the cost of this wedding (or even the dress), i would mention an amount that would be substantial enough to make a down payment on real estate in the san francisco bay area. the reception was held at the rotunda, the glorious restaurant that punctuates the top of the neiman marcus shop on union square in san francisco. there was an open bar (irish, duh) and the food was delicious. there were miniature desserts in addition to a cake that looked as though the wedding dress had a sugary baby. the tables were dressed in floral arrangements that were optical operas. the wedding party was dressed in chocolate brown and wore/carried chartreuse flowers. in all, my perfect wedding. 😛

me? i married my husband in a three second ceremony at cook county courthouse in chicago. 3 seconds: do ya?, do ya? yeah. yeah. my husband’s perfect wedding.

oh, and we invested in real estate, by the way.

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i heart serotonin…

…and norapenephrine, and dopamine and all the other good neurotransmitters that make you feel happy. keep ’em flowing, i say. everyone wants healthy synapses, eh?

depressed? this might be why. look at the top illustration. it shows how serotonin (small green circles) travel from neuron to neuron. in most brains, enough serotonin makes it across the synaptic cleft to allow a steady and healthy flow. when too little serotonin makes the jump, one can take an serotonin reuptake inhibitor [ssri], which essentiallly keeps the serotonin out in the gap longer (inhibits its reuptake in the originating neuron) so that it has more opportunity to join up with serotonin receptors on the other side of the cleft. so jump, little serotonins, JUMP! make us happy!

the illustration above is the molecular structure of serotonin. just in case you were wondering what this wonderful wee neurotransmitter looked like.