badtzmaru, hello kitty, last nerve, pathology, sanrio

badtzmaru. hello kitty for cynics.

if you know me at all, you know that i am a cute lover. i love cute stuff. but i have to say hello kitty is leaning on my last nerve. yes, the cat that is the world’s most successful [read: money making] character is ebbing out of my sphere of influence. it had to be done. i cannot associate myself with hello kitty addicts, as i feel there is an immense amount of pathology, pathology to be avoided.

so, i am busting out badtzmaru. i’ve been a fan of his since his release back in the 80’s. he’s definitely more my kind of character…eternal bad and grumpy mood, sour, critical, cynical and sarcastic. he claims he’s always having a “bad feather day.” that’s my kind of character. thanks, sanrio, for keeping the cute but making it m0dern.


 rock on, badtzmaru…rock on!


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