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lemmings: small, mouselike rodents noted for periodic mass migrations that sometimes result in mass drownings.

rare is it that i have an original thought. when i do, my skin goes all tingly. hearing original thoughts from other people is also stimulating. now that i moved closer to the nucleus of atlanta, i hear original thoughts now and again. at the river house? in the suburbs, exurbs? not so much, if at all. sad–the lemming mentality is alive and thrives in the fringe of atlanta. i’m hoping the atlanta nucleus grows outward rather than the reverse. I can’t bear to watch the lemmings much longer; it’s so painful.

the portfolio center is a curse and a blessing. i feel like a trespasser some days, and others i feel golden. make no mistake, i will have a good portfolio before i leave. my contact list will have tripled in size. i will know how to co-mingle what i’ve learned in my wild life. i will continue the wild-osity and get paid handsomely. remember: you’re only given a little spark of madness. you mustn’t lose it.* those with so-called normal brains search out people who don’t think like the masses. mercifully, a mad-brain resides in my skull. think what you will about mad-brains, we know it’s more fun. we can see more and further and clearer. we’re open to what is outside the circle, box, tetrahedron, geodesic dome–choose whatever geometric structure you like. we’ll be outside that structure, waiting for your call.

which brings me back to lemmings, individuals and more precisely: one-offs. a short time ago, a classmate from tertiary school asked if i was still “eccentric.”. hellz yeah, i am! i never understood the concept of following others. why follow when you can blaze your own path of invention [it’s lonely, but far more interesting]? to the pedestrian observer, my life may seem scattered, nonsensical and confusing. that’s okay by me. i know why i’ve taken my path. as i near my half century mark, my path is congealing in wondrous and mysterious ways. my skin tingles more often.

so to all you lemmings, toodle pip! and to all those with mad-brains: rock on!**

*quote by robin williams, famous manic

**this post is dedicated to a non-stop, mad-brained one-off named brenda knight. if you are fortunate enough to know her, lucky you. she’s an author, publisher, mover-shaker, leader, and most importantly, the original shero. i loves you, bk!


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