admiration, art, artists, bridget riley, figure/ground, illustration, imagination, impossible objets, larry poons, lego, m c escher, memory, movement, old school, optical art, perceptual abstraction, trompe l'oeil

op art: hasn’t lost its charm. it’s been almost 50 years.

apparently the moniker “optical art” was too descriptive and logical for my favorite art movement. it is now referred to as “perceptual abstraction.” why oh why must we make our lives more difficult? i’m going to stay with old school. that’s what i’ve always called it. that’s what i will always call it. op art.

i love the op art movement, schlocky or not [unusual as i typically detest schlocky stuff]. it’s entertaining to have one’s sense of sight so confused. if i had to choose between trompe l’oeil [hyperrealism], ambiguous illusions [figure/ground], distorting/movement illusions, i would def select the movement illusion category. i don’t mind if the movement is in black and white or if i see paint vibrating with its neighboring color. i just love the magic.

seeing a larry poons painting vibrate with highlated clashing colors was one of the great joys i had as a youngster. i never tired of bridget riley’s work; it captivates me to this day. but czech the image below. pure magic. trust me when i tell you there is nothing animated. it’s just foolin’ ya. uh huh, oh yeah. just there to fool ya.*

and try and tell me that you don’t like m.c. escher. even if you say you don’t, i will know you are lying. i admit eschers are common as muck and at least one hangs in every college dorm room. for one moment, forget all that. rewind to the day you first saw his work. i recall being spellbound. remember the impossible staircase drawing? somebody interpreted same in lego. so crazy, i LOVE it! life really doesn’t get much better than this. doesn’t it make you happy???

* in the event you were convinced the painting above is actually animated, focus on one area. the movement will stop.


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