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sight. so glad i have it.

back in the day, i embarked on what is now an ongoing area of study…psychology. it began as a sidebar interest: to find out what may have caused me to develop a seizure disorder at age 32. fast forward: i now gobble up as much info on the subject as possible. of most interest? neuropsychology. fascinating stuff. of even more pointed interest, the physiological implications of sight. lucky for me, i managed to get the sense of “vision” for my deliverable in typeology.

we begin with the natural history of the senses, a prosaic journey through one woman’s experiences with her five senses. i concern myself only with the section on vision. oh dear lord! the writing is dripping with syrupy adjectives and even stickier adverbs. i reckon the book would be half its normal size were the extraneous words removed. that said, some of the writing is indeed beautiful albeit a tad on the girly side for my literary taste.

so for fun, kicks and giggles, i bought a heaping pile of books on sight. they include investigations from the pure physiological exploration of sight to how sight is utilized when one is viewing art. i would gladly hop on a plane, go to some beach somewhere and read these books back to back. 

now i need to get some required reading out of the way, and then i can read the brain candy. hope you enjoy the juicy diagrams.


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