clothing designers, imagination, jetsons, mary quant, old school, optimism, pierre cardin, rant, rudi gernreich, space age, stuff (too much), vision

have a quick squint at what i would miss if i couldn’t see.

one fun example: karim rashid in a cgi of a self-designed interior. the entire world should really look like this; after all, the jetsons were on telly over 40 years ago. plenty of time to take us into the “space age.”  i just want to express my utter dismay that life isn’t what i dreamed it would look like. i really believed we would be pressing buttons and out would pop a pill that contained a complete, tasty and nourishing meal. i thought we would all be wearing kick-ass drag designed by mary quant, pierre cardin and rudi gernreich. surely, i felt, cars would resemble flying saucers as we took our transport to the skies. no such luck. life is even more cluttered and littered with ridiculousness that wastes time and resources.  i’m going to shut my eyes and go back to the dream i had once upon a time.


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