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typography is a sly mixture of aesthetics, content and alchemy.

i’m completely cool with the first two adjectives. it’s the alchemistry part that has me flummoxed. mercifully, one’s keen eye can be a more important tool than any fraction, measurement or magic.

i am currently reading the elements of typographic style by robert bringhurst. he’s a poet and a typographer so his writing is a bizarre hybrid of flowery prose and techno-speak. the book is not an easy read. as i slog through the text, it’s clear why designers become so passionate about typography. it’s seductive, letterforms are inherently beautiful [if designed and drawn properly] and it’s a covert society. as soon as i learn the secret handshake, i will let you know. i am always good for secret spy stuff.

the book also reminded me of the many people who are gifted type designers. i believe my loyalties reside with jonathan hoefler and tobias frere-jones. for my money, they produce the most gorgeous contemporary type around. and i will continue to love the cantankerous and opinionated erik speikerman: hello? [catch all three designers in helvetica, a film by gary hustwit.]

who knew i could fall completely in love with a slab serif? please enjoy archer, which i will buy in all of its glorious incarnations very soon:


i am head over heels and floating on air, crossing my fingers that archer asks me to the senior prom!!


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