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july 4 is a day of gluttony, followed by thunderous booms of fireworks.

unlike much of the country, i’m not patriotic. red, white and blue is not a pleasing color combo to me [see my misery, above]. i don’t like fireworks unless they are huge and magnificent with a spectacular finale. when i am traveling, i tell people i am from canada. hey, i’m not the only person who isn’t too keen on the us. a lot of countries HATE us. we really don’t have a good global rep. thanks, dubbya. well done you.

there are some benefits amongst the insanity:

  • mike doesn’t have to work.
  • there are sales at most shops with deep discounts.
  • most of the neighbors have gone away or are having a barbeque to which you are probably invited.


why is july 4 a bad day?

  • mathilda, maggie and millie are afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms. 
  • mike would prefer if i stayed out of the shops on a permanent basis.
  • seeing us flags everywhere, with people decking their homes in bunting and other red white and blue paraphernalia. bleh! waste of time, money and energy.
  • watching people that are truly proud of this country. [have they been paying attention AT ALL???]
  • people wishing me a "happy fourth of july!" bah humbug.
  • just when you thought it was safe to sleep, some other hoodlum busts out more fireworks.
  • hearing about fires and injuries resulting from fireworks.
  • seeing more red, while and blue paraphernalia.
  • watching people wave flags or flags displayed in their yard.
  • imagining all the waste of food, paper items, spent fireworks, detritus, and how much real estate it will occupy in a landfill.

so i just might take some naps during the day and wear my headphones tonight and get some work finished. just trying to avoid this patriotic shitfest altogether.


2 thoughts on “july 4 is a day of gluttony, followed by thunderous booms of fireworks.

  1. i ain’t no frackin’ senator, sir. i’ve never been keen on the united states…always wanted to be elsewhere. guess it’s just imprinted on the dna.

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