art shop, belief systems, blaspheme, boring people, chemist, daily shite, hedonism, high end retailers, hotel, humor (humour), imagination, information design, obsessions, office supplies, sarcasm, shoe shops, spa, super target, VIP room

maps, maps and more maps.

the current obsession with maps has redefined and expanded their meaning. certainly, maps will always exist to guide one, document geography and make great art.

mapping thoughts, events, emotions [anything, really] can be soooo interesting. looking at information in various configurations can clarify and inform better than a list or report. for instance, check out this map of heaven. until now, i had only a vague idea where i’d land upon cessation of my corporal existence.

just a few tiny changes i’d make: i don’t see saint peter, so i’d place cary grant at the gate; i’d like to encrust the gate with pearly, shiny and iridescent bits; i’d make the america part much smaller; add the rest of the planet excluding [ohio, kansas, arkansas, iraq, iran, the bible belt and it’s buckle: atlanta, more tk]; add a really big section for large, hedonistic parties; add a shop to supply the hedonistic parties; dot the map with great shoe shops and other high quality retail establishments; add a giant studio that auto cleans brushes and puts caps on items that dessicate; add a clink for boring people; i’d prohibit vanity plastic surgery and bleached blonde hair; add a chemist with free pharmaceuticals; add a private warehouse where all my stuff is completely organized, categorized and easily accessible; add a super target mothershop that prohibits screaming children, babies and people talking on mobiles; add an amazing office supply shop with an exquisite selection of fountain pens; add the art supply shop to end all art shops; add a flying carpet shop; add an exquisite spa; a six star hotel and my favourite restaurants; i’d change the name of the “hall of heroes” to “super cool peeps”; i’d install a reading machine that automatically reads and uploads books of interest to my brain; add a super-duper-uber plush VIP room for me and my peeps. those are my only concerns about this map. and upon quelling my thirst for knowledge regarding the afterlife? now i’m relieved.


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