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badtzmaru. hello kitty for cynics.

if you know me at all, you know that i am a cute lover. i love cute stuff. but i have to say hello kitty is leaning on my last nerve. yes, the cat that is the world’s most successful [read: money making] character is ebbing out of my sphere of influence. it had to be done. i cannot associate myself with hello kitty addicts, as i feel there is an immense amount of pathology, pathology to be avoided.

so, i am busting out badtzmaru. i’ve been a fan of his since his release back in the 80’s. he’s definitely more my kind of character…eternal bad and grumpy mood, sour, critical, cynical and sarcastic. he claims he’s always having a “bad feather day.” that’s my kind of character. thanks, sanrio, for keeping the cute but making it m0dern.


 rock on, badtzmaru…rock on!

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lemmings: small, mouselike rodents noted for periodic mass migrations that sometimes result in mass drownings.

rare is it that i have an original thought. when i do, my skin goes all tingly. hearing original thoughts from other people is also stimulating. now that i moved closer to the nucleus of atlanta, i hear original thoughts now and again. at the river house? in the suburbs, exurbs? not so much, if at all. sad–the lemming mentality is alive and thrives in the fringe of atlanta. i’m hoping the atlanta nucleus grows outward rather than the reverse. I can’t bear to watch the lemmings much longer; it’s so painful.

the portfolio center is a curse and a blessing. i feel like a trespasser some days, and others i feel golden. make no mistake, i will have a good portfolio before i leave. my contact list will have tripled in size. i will know how to co-mingle what i’ve learned in my wild life. i will continue the wild-osity and get paid handsomely. remember: you’re only given a little spark of madness. you mustn’t lose it.* those with so-called normal brains search out people who don’t think like the masses. mercifully, a mad-brain resides in my skull. think what you will about mad-brains, we know it’s more fun. we can see more and further and clearer. we’re open to what is outside the circle, box, tetrahedron, geodesic dome–choose whatever geometric structure you like. we’ll be outside that structure, waiting for your call.

which brings me back to lemmings, individuals and more precisely: one-offs. a short time ago, a classmate from tertiary school asked if i was still “eccentric.”. hellz yeah, i am! i never understood the concept of following others. why follow when you can blaze your own path of invention [it’s lonely, but far more interesting]? to the pedestrian observer, my life may seem scattered, nonsensical and confusing. that’s okay by me. i know why i’ve taken my path. as i near my half century mark, my path is congealing in wondrous and mysterious ways. my skin tingles more often.

so to all you lemmings, toodle pip! and to all those with mad-brains: rock on!**

*quote by robin williams, famous manic

**this post is dedicated to a non-stop, mad-brained one-off named brenda knight. if you are fortunate enough to know her, lucky you. she’s an author, publisher, mover-shaker, leader, and most importantly, the original shero. i loves you, bk!

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try to follow me here: if a tessellation and origami had a baby, it could look something like…

the image above is folded paper. i lie not. i would very much like to fold like an expert origami tessellator. bear in mind that i am a math midget, i still cannot fold a simple origami crane without someone leading me by the hand, i continue to be fascinated by m.c. escher, and i love stuff i can’t figure out [i do, however, have major crafting chops]. so naturally i need to learn how to make tessellated origami. it should take, what? fifteen, twenty minutes?

let’s say the word together: obsession. i am so busy at the moment this is just the thing for me to see so i can procrastinate. learning this folding technique should take months, years, perhaps decades! that’s an immense amount of procrastination. clearly not a practical route at this juncture. 

there is no harm in enjoying this stuff…it’s phenomenally beautiful. and not in a oooooh, shiny! kind of way. this is pure, simple, and completely obsessive. i dare say they may even be OCD??? no matter. follow these links and get your awe on. get your AWE on!

oooooh, awwwwwe and errrrrrrrrrrrr. in my dreams!!

for still more information, see the comment below. thanks, ray and erik!!

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thirty years is a long ‘effin time.


when we were kids, we all wore those great red sneakers with the round toes. the original pf flyers, they were. the pic above is of my younger brother at age 3. at that time, we were just little runts whose main concern was having fun. “playing” was a key occupation. and we were really, really good at having fun.

i mention this because i saw dear childhood friends last weekend. john haberstroh, marcia pierce and dru dickey were all at jennie’s funeral. john’s brother, mark, and his family were there as was laurie [john’s sister] and her husband dave. all of jennie’s friends were there too, many of whom are my friends now that i am a so-called adult.

as it turns out, saying farewell to jennie haberstroh was not really necessary. i realized that she is no longer on the planet with us, and i will miss her like crazy, but i didn’t have to say goodbye. i realized that jennie lives on through all of the people i just mentioned and so many others. i will still have her in my heart and have such wonderful memories of her, so she will always be with me. nice, nice, nice.

back to the 30 years comment from above: john, marcia, dru, annie, joey and i hadn’t been in the same room for 30 years +/-. i didn’t even recognize dru at first, but then she told me who she was and i realized that she hadn’t really changed at all! she was still the long legged beautiful girl that i always knew. john was there with his life partner, johnny, whom we all adore. marcia was there managing the luncheon and taking care, helping out the family like she does. she’s awesome. 

it was soooooooooooooo nice to have everyone near and dear all around us as we celebrated the life of jennie. we laughed far more than we cried. we smiled far more than we frowned. and we were all so grateful that our dear jen-jen left the corporal world while having a sweet dream. i wish that lovely exit to all those near to my heart.

the other foto above is of my sibilngs and my dear grandmother, res. mama. [left 2 right: annie, res., joey, maria, vicky].

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more death. this one was really close to home. like, next door.

i am writing this entry from my sister’s house in crawfordsville, indiana. why go back to the place from which you escaped years ago? the woman who lived next door to my family, whom we have known for 47 years (=/-) died in her sleep last sunday. her friend found her on tuesday and since then my interaction with the world has been a bit cloudy.

jennie haberstroh was an amazing woman. she baked, she entertained, she laughed, she loved. she let me read her people magazines when i was a teenager. she let me hang out if i was locked out of the house. she welcomed a spontaneous visit. as i grew older and moved away, she made sure that her dear friends would be able to join up and play some vicious rounds of trivial pursuit. there were always snacks and delicious nibblies that would almost prevent smooth play. but we managed well and always had a heated match, time after time. i cannot believe that the trivial pursuit nights are now part of my past. i don’t know how i will deal with driving past her house [on the way to my parents] and know that she is no longer there. no more visits to the small house that is surely storing all the records and costumes we used for our neighborhood variety shows. the roller skates, the christmas decorations, the photographs, and all the ephemera jennie so lovingly tucked away in the basement. i don’t know whether or not uncovering the treasures in the basement would be joyful or painful at this stage. i do know that i am going to her funeral tomorrow, and i don’t think it will be an easy thing to do.

i guess our culture doesn’t talk about death because its really not anything that has a road map with which to navigate the intricacies of emotion. i reckon through the years, one is supposed to learn as they go along…which is really crappy, but it is what it is. i will add to my own personal road map tomorrow.

and jennie? wherever you are, my precious darling sweet loving second mother, i will miss you for the rest of my life. you will always be my jen-jen. rest in peace and love and laughter and the friendship of us all. we will certainly have a gaping hole in our lives for a while that will hopefully fill with all the wonderful memories made with you and shared with you.

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op art: hasn’t lost its charm. it’s been almost 50 years.

apparently the moniker “optical art” was too descriptive and logical for my favorite art movement. it is now referred to as “perceptual abstraction.” why oh why must we make our lives more difficult? i’m going to stay with old school. that’s what i’ve always called it. that’s what i will always call it. op art.

i love the op art movement, schlocky or not [unusual as i typically detest schlocky stuff]. it’s entertaining to have one’s sense of sight so confused. if i had to choose between trompe l’oeil [hyperrealism], ambiguous illusions [figure/ground], distorting/movement illusions, i would def select the movement illusion category. i don’t mind if the movement is in black and white or if i see paint vibrating with its neighboring color. i just love the magic.

seeing a larry poons painting vibrate with highlated clashing colors was one of the great joys i had as a youngster. i never tired of bridget riley’s work; it captivates me to this day. but czech the image below. pure magic. trust me when i tell you there is nothing animated. it’s just foolin’ ya. uh huh, oh yeah. just there to fool ya.*

and try and tell me that you don’t like m.c. escher. even if you say you don’t, i will know you are lying. i admit eschers are common as muck and at least one hangs in every college dorm room. for one moment, forget all that. rewind to the day you first saw his work. i recall being spellbound. remember the impossible staircase drawing? somebody interpreted same in lego. so crazy, i LOVE it! life really doesn’t get much better than this. doesn’t it make you happy???

* in the event you were convinced the painting above is actually animated, focus on one area. the movement will stop.