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mr. edward izzard.

edward is versatile. it’s impressive, really. he performed stand up this evening, and i will see him later this week on the riches, a show he developed for fox telly. he’s also quite the actor, managing both drama and comedy. he’s even put on a decent american accent for the riches, but he still twirls his “r”s like most english trying to speak like an american. they emphasize the “r” too much…it’s a dead giveaway.

as i was watching him this evening (this tour is called stripped), i was almost sad that he is diversifying. [i admit i love the comedy more than his other efforts, and he’s gone full steam ahead into acting (theatre, film and telly.)] of course, he was very funny in streams, but there were long lulls. honestly, i didn’t really care if he was funny or not. i was enjoying him laughing at himself. he would tell jokes, and if they didn’t work…no big deal. if they were bad and still worked, he giggled that the audience laughed at such drech. watching eddie make eddie laugh was funnier than any joke he told. and on an odd note: he kept mentioning pigs! he likes pigs. he won’t eat pigs that are still alive. he won’t eat pigs that he’s met. i like that about eddie. [mathilda is nodding her snout in agreement.]

and so the transvestite thing isn’t an issue these days; i haven’t seen him in full drag for quite some time. i do have some lovely fotos, though…which i will share:

eddie izzard a la madonna

eddie does lingerie drag, and then nicole kidman as samantha in bewitched as santa. 


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