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AWOL. my new favourite place.

last week we went to sarasota. awol. didn’t tell many people i left town. my mother is still worried even though we are safely back at the homestead. seeing and being with my dear friends was nothing less than restorative. mind, i did sleep a lot, but i did get some serious visiting in as well. we were visiting my friends pola and brandon, from back in the freshman college days. translation: i’ve known them for yonks.

and can i say that i like sarasota? i would probably go insane if i lived there full time, but there was a house for sale (asking $145k) that was very tempting indeed. mid century, needed some work, property dense with tropical flora. but the price? isn’t that like, erm, uh, free? as i am in smack dabbers in the middle of locating proper living arrangements in london for us (and i’m practising my new spelling habits as well, see “favourite”). the prices in london are phenomenally high to me. seeing a habitable 4 bedroom home for $145k was a shocker to say the least.

i also toddled over to ringling college of art and design to meet with kimberly elam. she wrote some fab books on the grid, geometry in design and typography. she was very busy but generous with her time and knowledge. 

fotos tk, as is more text.


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