actor, admiration, cyd charisse, dance, dancer, death, flawless beauty, fred astaire, gene kelly, glamour, hypnotic, inspiration, long legs, movie star, presence, silk stockings, talent, unique

silk stockings on legs that went on forever.

eighty six is a good long go at life. that is how old cyd charisse was when she died today of a heart attack. she was so enchanting on the screen that she drew you in, and you felt as though you were actually there with her. she was hypnotic.

cyd and gene

lithe, long, slender. there was only one cyd charisse. no one danced like her, no one moved like her, no one looked like her. she was a classic, flawless beauty. and imagine this: given all the talent and presence she brought to the screen, her life began as a poorly child, suffering from polio. is that amazing? (i just read that, i am not a cyd charisse expert.)

i have to say while i loved her paired with astaire, when she danced with gene kelly, there was chemistry. sultry bar room scenes, changing looks, she did it all with such elan. and how about the russian spy routine? da, da! she went from ultra steely to super seductive just by moving those long legs. (and in a tightish skirt, i might add.)

it seems as though many of my favorite luminaries (rr, ysl) are making their corporeal exits in recent weeks. mercifully, i can watch cyd, gene, fred, ginger et al. on film until i make my exit. that is comforting.



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