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5 month old pig with mud-phobia.

mathilda (our pet miniature [not potbellie] pig) would just turn her snout in the air if she could see this. a pig that doesn’t like mud? huh?

okay, let’s just say the pig doesn’t like mud. it fears mud. how the hell would you know? would it stand at the edge of a muddy patch and dip its hoof into the mud gingerly, only to recoil the hoof on solid ground? would it tell you in the many sounds that a pig has in its pig vocabulary? would it send you an email? would it blog the fear? 

the daily mail also claims that this pig is the ONLY pig in the world to be mud-phobic. that is a very big statement. have they met all the pigs in the world? i doubt it. and what about the pigs that are in the wild? surely, at least one has to be afraid o’ mud. surely.

well, cinders (short for cinderella…glass slippers? get it? neither do i) has on her muddy wellies in the snap below. the owners (who, by the way own a sausage company….rggrrrrrgggrrrr) have clad the wee porcine in green wellies, much like the ones they wear at their farm. the woman was lamenting that she hopes cinders grows out of her fear before she has to have new wellies. why? just buy the pig bigger wellies. sheesh.

you really do have to love the english. they are emotionally constipated but crazy as hell.

pig in muddy wellingtons


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