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bye-bye boxes.

after the whinging on about death a few months ago, i was given a deliverable about death. did someone say irony? i had a few ideas with merit, but one that created the best response was the “personal stories” angle. of course. naturally, i couldn’t just go on with my whinging. i had to tell the stories. really sad stories.

well, since i am all about stories, i began to write. then cry. then cry more with laboured breathing. then cry even more and more with near convulsions. then cry with regular breathing. then stop crying. then wipe the tears away. repeat.

i have written 2.25 of the three stories for this deliverable. oddly enough, i only had to design the covers for the deliverable, not make entire books. i guess i wasn’t listening for a reason. i really needed to get some junque outta my system. because of that, i will complete the stories, for which i have already designed a format, covers and some titles. perhaps then i can remember these strong women as they were, and not in their bye-bye forever boxes. (since they were all very religious, this bye-bye box is for them.) oh, and the three strong women in my life that died? my mother’s mother, res. mama; my father’s sister, my auntie charing; and my cousin fidel’s wife, marven. all three of these women had a huge role in my life. i only hope the stories i’ve written about and for them will be proper memorials. they deserve to be remembered as sheroes.

last sup casket


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