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when all is said and done…

finally! the quarter is over, my critiques are signed, sealed and delivered save my fragrance bottle. word from the utley crew in new york says my bottle will arrive next week. not a bad quarter after coming back from near death at the beginning of the year.

the image above is a poster triology (earlier version) i art directed with my friend tim executing the illlustration and design. the process to get from point a to b with this deliverable was a long, winding and sometimes difficult road. because i learned such a great amount from the process, i would give it a win-win. the critique panel also liked the work. and my critique was a real hoot. i had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. sad, really, because i would have preferred to have some tougher people with significantly more intellect. truthfully, i was lucky to even get a critique; this is the fourth time in as many quarters i have asked claire to reschedule me. mercifully, claire is the bomb, and she’s always been able and willing to accomodate. 

on to next quarter. feed the portfolio!!


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