allergies, art, daily shite, headaches, helpless, hives, itching

putting my secret-agent-spy skills to work. wtf is with the severe allergies and hives?

shiteshiteshite. my studio week is being upset by allergies and hives and other itchy stuff. i am not amused.

so, the first step is to try and find the offending substance(s). pollen? checked the pollen count in atlanta. high enough for an occasional sneeze. nothing near what i am currently experiencing. something new at home? that would be tough to narrow down. i just moved in a couple of months ago. food? drink? did i ingest something that my chubby body doesn’t like?

in between the doses of tylenol (for the consistently annoying headache) and benedryl (for hives, sneezing and majorly itchy swollen hands YECK), i had a major brain wave.


SCULPEY is my nemesis. it’s a shame, really…because it’s a great substance with which to work. now that i know how much it affects my physiology, i will take steps to prevent symptoms in the future. for now, i know that i have been kneading the stuff like clay (it is a polymer clay), sanding, forming, using an exacto knife to make sharp edges, etc. all of which deposits bits and pieces everywhere including my lungs and any skin that might be exposed and in the path of falling bits of sculpey. 

i meant to clean up the sculpey dregs earlier, but i can’t seem to gather enough energy, nor do i have protective gear with which to remove the toxins. i may just have to dose up on all the anti-sculpey drugs i have and just do it.

i blame my parents.*


*my parents are in no way responsible for this incident. i just blame them when i can’t think of anything or anyone else to blame. they understand.



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