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tilt your head to the left just a bit.

okay, i freely admit the “tilt your head to the left just a bit” is an artifact of my limited “add media” skills. so i apologize for your inconvenience and any head/neck injury you may sustain from my instructions.*

this is the offending sculpey model. hopefully it will become a gorgeous fragrance bottle which was the original intent. this situation is truly ironic…i have allergies to many fragrances (as well as sculpey and a gazillion other things floating around in the atmosphere.) 

my fingers are crossed that the comp looks great. 

*this statement does NOT make me liable for said injuries. you are tilting your head at your own risk.


One thought on “tilt your head to the left just a bit.

  1. Sorry for the allergies darlink. You shall over come, and get finished soon I am sure. BTW, I am letting you win at Scrabble. The form for the bottle reminds me of fabric to some extent. You could even say that you captured liquid in motion before it seized up. I am thinking about you, with your end of the quarter projects. It is something I am glad to be done with. Would love to see this bottle with the branding and liquid in it once fabricated. Can’t wait.

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