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i’m a chunker. are you?

perhaps it’s an egotistical, self absorbed habit. i don’t give a rat’s ass. i love to write and love reading what i write. in my defense, at my advanced age, the written word becomes a great stunt-short-term-memory.

occasionally i will see something that floods my wee brain and i remember a bunch of stuff at one time. i love that! of course i am writing about this because i read the word “chunk.” i had forgotten about my own habit of chunking, and how that technique is the first step in the way i compose anything written.

chunking is really an onomateopoeia, much like clang and buzz (except that it is a silent activity.) chunking is my way of getting ideas down really fast. i chunk because if i don’t, i will forget something important. post chunking, i link together thoughts and ideas with each other, and try and put the chunked sentences into some semblance of order. then i edit. i should probably be more militant with editing, but i get a bit gun shy with my own words. (if i were to edit someone else’s words, easy prey.) maybe i should enlist others to edit, with vengeance.

the next stage is proofreading, then another edit. one more read-through with more proofreading and editing as necessary, then the work is finished. finished until i re-read and find another, better way to construct a sentence or convey an idea. 

oddly enough, chunking is universal in my personal gestalt. i chunk when drawing, when designing, when forming ideas. then there is always the odd bits and bobs that swoop into the grey matter right when i am having a great run of ideas. please witness the following.

random: have you ever heard the song “smelly tongues” by the residents?

the residents

back to visual chunking…personal maps. mapping is the bomb! it’s certainly visual chunking at its finest.



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