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oy schgavoy i am tired.

portfolio center has a crazy cycle every student rides at quarter’s end. most hunker down and do work. i imagine myself on a hamster wheel, endlessly twirling and going nowhere (but getting some much needed exercise). the truth? i have some stuff finished. and more stuff is def in progess.

oh, the drama! deliverables are readied for the mythical grand pooh-bah of design evaluation. actual events: deliverables are completed, packed in boxes, student arrives at appointed time and place, unpacks deliverables one by one whilst selling ideas and executions to a panel they’ve never seen before. this is good experience. valuable. meaningful.

the subsequent quarter, evaluation sheets are distributed to students. hopefully, there is meaningful and valuable criticism (many times just a general “good job” is written) next to the reviewers name.

the sheets also have a numerical “grading” system. please allow me to explain. it is a range of numbers from 1-10. WTF? on which planet is that used? a 4 (four) point system is traditional and understood. the numbers awarded to students (based on presentation, poise, bathing suit competition, congeniality and final question) are averaged and the student is awarded a numerical value for each course.

i do not understand the utility of this system. what am i to do with it? while showing my portfolio to acme (best design/advertising/branding company) am i also supposed to add, “i got an 9.5 on that deliverable” with pride swelling my general upper body region? 

how about some meaningful discussion, more time with the critique panel and howza about we give that 4 point system another whirl? i am first in line for innovation, yet sometimes traditional methods work best.


One thought on “oy schgavoy i am tired.

  1. Joi Viray says:

    I picture you on a job interview some day pimping yourself to corporate America saying something to the effect of, “Look, d00ds, I got an effing 9.62 on my deliverables. My starting degree of difficulty was a 9.75, but they deducted for my sloppy double layout.”

    P.S. Spent entirely too much time googling gymnastics terminology. Must get back to spending entirely too much time working on my own deliverables 🙂

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