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YSL died. fashion icon gone.

mondrian dress ysl
who hasn’t heard of yves st. laurent? his name has been synonomous with uber chic for decades. he created the “le smoking” look when i was a kid…women wore tuxedos! pantsuits! total and complete clothing freedom. and what a legacy he left behind. too much and too rich to even start here. 

even though his collection is being designed by Stefano Pilati, (ysl retired in 2002), ysl’s true spirit will live on in the history of fashion. he made so many marks. in 1965, women in paris were sporting a sheath that looked like a piet mondrian painting! i was 6 years old, but i knew for a fact that was really, really cool. then, just when women needed to dress the part, he busted out with “le smoking” and brought tuxedos and pantsuits to the females of the world. and at no time did they lose their femininity. he was a master…he cut the suits so women actually looked sexier in men’s clothes. genius. that stage ushered in the era of full clothing freedom rights for women. trust me, i don’t know of a single woman of style that ever looked back. i know i love being able to wear anything i like*.

ysl is being mimicked even today; diane von furstenberg chucked out little m0d shifts down the runway last year. she even went so far as to call them “mondrian!” ysl’s legacy will never die. is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? 

ysl, we will def miss you. from algeria to paris. hope they give you an incredibly stylish send-off. i know you will always be in my memory banks. off you get to wherever you are going now…

*i recently designed a poster series advocating equal clothing rights for men. will post piccies once i find the files.


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