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a mainstay of dinner theatre is now gone.


growing up in indiana was a most difficult activity. i spent the majority of time plotting my escape from the flatland. to keep myself [and my family] occupied, we had dinner theatre. i was probably the most active during dinner theatre because i listened to a lot of comedy vinyl, and i liked to imitate what i had memorized. and i memorized a lot. i listened to cheech and chong, bill cosby, allan sherman, bob newhart, and others. i have to say my favourite was george carlin [until he got all angry and stuff.]

i loved al sleet, the hippy dippy weatherman [“with all the hippy dippy weather, man….”] with tonight’s forecast: “dark. followed by widely scattered light in the morning.” oh how i loved george carlin. i loved it when he was a suit wearing comedian. i loved it when he played marlo thomas’ agent on that girl. i loved it when he became a hippy. i really loved it when they chose him to be the first host of saturday night live. whaddaman.

of course, when george carlin’s name is mentioned, peeps recite in their minds: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits. those be the seven words you can’t say on television. or they were at the time. now i hear animated children saying fuck fuck fuck and no one blinks. ah, how times have changed.

but a great part of the m0dschm0d history is gone, only to be relived in videos and recordings. it truly seems like my fave peeps are dropping off like flies. what gives? as freddie sang: “another one bites the dust…”

rip, george…and thank you for the brilliant material that captivated your audiences and mine. you’ll always be welcome at the small, crowded brick house in indiana.

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AWOL. my new favourite place.

last week we went to sarasota. awol. didn’t tell many people i left town. my mother is still worried even though we are safely back at the homestead. seeing and being with my dear friends was nothing less than restorative. mind, i did sleep a lot, but i did get some serious visiting in as well. we were visiting my friends pola and brandon, from back in the freshman college days. translation: i’ve known them for yonks.

and can i say that i like sarasota? i would probably go insane if i lived there full time, but there was a house for sale (asking $145k) that was very tempting indeed. mid century, needed some work, property dense with tropical flora. but the price? isn’t that like, erm, uh, free? as i am in smack dabbers in the middle of locating proper living arrangements in london for us (and i’m practising my new spelling habits as well, see “favourite”). the prices in london are phenomenally high to me. seeing a habitable 4 bedroom home for $145k was a shocker to say the least.

i also toddled over to ringling college of art and design to meet with kimberly elam. she wrote some fab books on the grid, geometry in design and typography. she was very busy but generous with her time and knowledge. 

fotos tk, as is more text.

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mr. edward izzard.

edward is versatile. it’s impressive, really. he performed stand up this evening, and i will see him later this week on the riches, a show he developed for fox telly. he’s also quite the actor, managing both drama and comedy. he’s even put on a decent american accent for the riches, but he still twirls his “r”s like most english trying to speak like an american. they emphasize the “r” too much…it’s a dead giveaway.

as i was watching him this evening (this tour is called stripped), i was almost sad that he is diversifying. [i admit i love the comedy more than his other efforts, and he’s gone full steam ahead into acting (theatre, film and telly.)] of course, he was very funny in streams, but there were long lulls. honestly, i didn’t really care if he was funny or not. i was enjoying him laughing at himself. he would tell jokes, and if they didn’t work…no big deal. if they were bad and still worked, he giggled that the audience laughed at such drech. watching eddie make eddie laugh was funnier than any joke he told. and on an odd note: he kept mentioning pigs! he likes pigs. he won’t eat pigs that are still alive. he won’t eat pigs that he’s met. i like that about eddie. [mathilda is nodding her snout in agreement.]

and so the transvestite thing isn’t an issue these days; i haven’t seen him in full drag for quite some time. i do have some lovely fotos, though…which i will share:

eddie izzard a la madonna

eddie does lingerie drag, and then nicole kidman as samantha in bewitched as santa. 

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silk stockings on legs that went on forever.

eighty six is a good long go at life. that is how old cyd charisse was when she died today of a heart attack. she was so enchanting on the screen that she drew you in, and you felt as though you were actually there with her. she was hypnotic.

cyd and gene

lithe, long, slender. there was only one cyd charisse. no one danced like her, no one moved like her, no one looked like her. she was a classic, flawless beauty. and imagine this: given all the talent and presence she brought to the screen, her life began as a poorly child, suffering from polio. is that amazing? (i just read that, i am not a cyd charisse expert.)

i have to say while i loved her paired with astaire, when she danced with gene kelly, there was chemistry. sultry bar room scenes, changing looks, she did it all with such elan. and how about the russian spy routine? da, da! she went from ultra steely to super seductive just by moving those long legs. (and in a tightish skirt, i might add.)

it seems as though many of my favorite luminaries (rr, ysl) are making their corporeal exits in recent weeks. mercifully, i can watch cyd, gene, fred, ginger et al. on film until i make my exit. that is comforting.


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5 month old pig with mud-phobia.

mathilda (our pet miniature [not potbellie] pig) would just turn her snout in the air if she could see this. a pig that doesn’t like mud? huh?

okay, let’s just say the pig doesn’t like mud. it fears mud. how the hell would you know? would it stand at the edge of a muddy patch and dip its hoof into the mud gingerly, only to recoil the hoof on solid ground? would it tell you in the many sounds that a pig has in its pig vocabulary? would it send you an email? would it blog the fear? 

the daily mail also claims that this pig is the ONLY pig in the world to be mud-phobic. that is a very big statement. have they met all the pigs in the world? i doubt it. and what about the pigs that are in the wild? surely, at least one has to be afraid o’ mud. surely.

well, cinders (short for cinderella…glass slippers? get it? neither do i) has on her muddy wellies in the snap below. the owners (who, by the way own a sausage company….rggrrrrrgggrrrr) have clad the wee porcine in green wellies, much like the ones they wear at their farm. the woman was lamenting that she hopes cinders grows out of her fear before she has to have new wellies. why? just buy the pig bigger wellies. sheesh.

you really do have to love the english. they are emotionally constipated but crazy as hell.

pig in muddy wellingtons

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chortle, chuckle, hee hee, ha ha. i’ll fuck with logos if i wanna.

i was told not to fuck with corporate logos. why?, i asked myself. that was the FUN part. jaysis! i’m in design school. don’t you tell me not to have fun. 

fuckin\' wif logos

oh no, you dintint…

painting defiling corp logos

hello, kitty.

baby tattooed with logos

mother’s corporate milk.

image avec logos en une mademoiselle

this is a retouched photo.

logo mashing up

hey, i’ve only been looking for a few…think how much desecration i could find if i spent more time looking. 


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bye-bye boxes.

after the whinging on about death a few months ago, i was given a deliverable about death. did someone say irony? i had a few ideas with merit, but one that created the best response was the “personal stories” angle. of course. naturally, i couldn’t just go on with my whinging. i had to tell the stories. really sad stories.

well, since i am all about stories, i began to write. then cry. then cry more with laboured breathing. then cry even more and more with near convulsions. then cry with regular breathing. then stop crying. then wipe the tears away. repeat.

i have written 2.25 of the three stories for this deliverable. oddly enough, i only had to design the covers for the deliverable, not make entire books. i guess i wasn’t listening for a reason. i really needed to get some junque outta my system. because of that, i will complete the stories, for which i have already designed a format, covers and some titles. perhaps then i can remember these strong women as they were, and not in their bye-bye forever boxes. (since they were all very religious, this bye-bye box is for them.) oh, and the three strong women in my life that died? my mother’s mother, res. mama; my father’s sister, my auntie charing; and my cousin fidel’s wife, marven. all three of these women had a huge role in my life. i only hope the stories i’ve written about and for them will be proper memorials. they deserve to be remembered as sheroes.

last sup casket