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one can never say that rr didn’t have a good long go at life. he did. he was always quietly at the forefront of the art scene, dignify-ant and imaginative to the umpteenth degree. necessity was the mother of his inventions in the beginning, and excess became his friend during later years. believe me when i say “excess is best.”

during my second quarter at pc, i was charged with creating a design suite for this distinguished icon and worked dilligently throughout the quarter. in the end, i failed him miserably. not out of laziness, out of ineptitude. i’ve been courting the idea of giving the designs a second go, and his corporal departure gives me new and more energetic reasons to do just that.

oh, how we will miss ye, rr…but you just might be in a better place. your limited mobility must have been a trial for you. a favor, if you could? let me know what happens after death. i’ve been curious about that subject since birth. i’m certain a few other folks might have a passing interest in your response as well. 🙂

you will continue to breathe life into the art world no matter where you might be. your work has inspired me to try new things and not rely so much on a comfort zone. my first instinct is always comfort; then i remember you. the man who took discards and made them have great aesthetic and personal value. you shall always remain in my top ten.

may 12. my dear sister, annie’s birthday, and also my dear friend connie’s. their days o’ birth will mark your day o’ death. kisses, hugs and tranquility



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