daily shite, death, mass murdering fuckheads, music

more on this crazy little thing called war.

WAR! what is it good for? it’s good for absolutely nuttin’. or so the song goes.

i am working on a trilogy dealing with the subject of death. difficult for me as i really don’t have a great deal of experience with dead people nor have i had the opportunity to talk to anyone about the subject of death. sure, i’ve read kubler-ross, but i have lived a life when there just wasn’t alot of discussion about death. of course everyone talks about death when someone has died, but HELLO, that’s too late! anyway, i’ve been musing about all my questions and thoughts on the subject. one of the most perplexing aspects of death is the killing of innocents. and mass murdering fuckheads like pol pot, hitler, and other insanely deranged folks. 

there is a tune called “savages” that so succinctly and simply describes the insanity of killing (in the name of a “cause”). unforch, the only video i could manage to find is from an english program with jools holland, but it is still worth a good listen.

SAVAGES (music and lyrics by paul weller)
you’re savages, he knows you are. do you not think that god is looking down on you savages? the children run to mothers–you put bullets in their backs. oh cowards, can you not see? do you not think that love is coming down?
you have no gods, they have all disowned you. you have no love so you take it out on people’s lives in progress. that’s what keeps you going when you’re savages.
savages, you can dress it up, give it a name and a fancy uniform and a flag to fly to hide behind, can you not see the truth that’s on the ground?
you have no love, it has all gone cold on you. you never have, so you take it out on those whose love is growing. that’s what you hate most, when you’re savages.
do you not see the love is coming down?


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