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heh, who knew l’pool was the centre of the creative universe?

i’m sure my niece, whose name shall remain confidential, will be more than happy to give this a squint.


perhaps i should give the scousers a wee more credit, eh?

(my apologies for the teenciness of the map… for more information, go the this website: . burn everything is the design group that created the map for an exhibition at the tate liverpool. their site doesn’t have much more in the way of illustrations, but the backstory is there. and, as an extra bonus, their work is very interesting too. worth spending a coupla perusing the site.) 

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tune into this website, it maps MUSIC!

there are so many bands, so many vocalists, so many genres, i cannot possibly keep up with all the music being made today. typically, i rely on my friends to hip me to the stuff i haven’t yet discovered. well, fret no more, m0d…help has arrived. and it’s really, really groovy.

this website searches by artist…click expand to find more music similar to that artist. click another button to read a comprehensive list of all available music by said artist. there’s plenty more to do on the site, but that’s enough for me right now. finally, i can find music i like in my own sweet time, without the help of others. awesome.

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ray fenwick. new book. hall of best knowledge.

fucking genius. or at least that’s what ray says it is. as an innocent bystander, i’m going to side with the author because no matter what the iq of the tome is (if books could have an iq) it’s clever and funny enough to be genius. plus, fenwick plays the english language like a stradavarious [sic] violin. this is just the beginning. all the lettering is done by hand. hazzah! someone stepped away from the computer and went all old school on y’all. run, don’t walk…get this book.

oh, the illustration you see on this post isn’t in the book but it’s one of my faves. thought i’d share. funniest engagement ring EVER. some women are never satisfied, though. 🙂

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there are two kinds of people in the world. myspace people and facebook people.

unforch, i am trying to be both. i am completely flummoxed by the setup in myspace. no doubt one of my savvier than savvy friends will help me along. it’s far more raw than facebook…and i like that. it’s also clunky as platforms shoes from 1972. no worries. i’ll keep on it. more results later.

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cloning is such a great idea. that is, if i had control over what my clone(s) are/were doing. i am in a family wedding at the end of the month, and i have to be in atl (blech) to finish up this quarters’ worth of work. i’d so much rather go to san francisco. but, if i had clone action, no worries.

this video has two vaguely related ideas connected to my post…it’s about cloning and oddly enough, marriage. i do hope my nephew’s wedding is more successful than the one in this wideo.