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fossils, sibling with progeny, fully ensconced at the river house.

why family members visit during very busy times is a mystery to me. i explained i was in school, which everyone knows leaves precious little time for other activities. still, they arrived AFTER the weekend (during which i did have time to spend with them), and have been authentically themselves. even the best of parents drive their children nutso with visits. mike and i built a huge house, hoping the extra space would dissipate some of the tension. it had an effect, but not significant enough for my taste. if they ever come to london, they will be staying in a hotel. small quarters and fussy fossils do not make for a nice visit. everyone needs their space, no?

that said, i am glad they are here. times such these bring up so many conflicting feelings. my sister told me last night that her therapist (who is the child of a pediatrician) asked her what it was like growing up with a surgeon father. after she answered with a healthy flow of tears, the therapist said she didn’t really know how annie could even function. “surgeons are the worst with family communication and presence,” said the therapist. now i have a more specific target onto which i can place heavy blame. you know i am kidding; but it is remarkable how this subject has come up more than once. it can’t be coincidental. or can it?


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