animals, daily shite, hatred, humane, music

the kinks and their song, lola.

after putting a quarter in the jukebox at painted lakes, the kinks’ song “lola” poured out. the four of us sang with the kinks, mouthing every word. my sister annie and i went to the washroom when it occurred to me the lyrics were telling a story. i was only 9 at the time, but i told annie the story. i don’t recall her reaction, i just know even as a child, i had no objections to people having equal clothing rights or homosexuality. it’s my opinion if someone has a strong reaction to either, they’re homophobic or homo or just intolerant. they have also forgotten that humans are animals, just like the tragically caged beings we trap in zoos.

EL – OH – EL – AYE ….LOOOOOOOOOOEEE Laaaaaaaaaahhhhh

fast forward about 12 years. i’m living with filipino relatives in san francisco so i can go to the california college of arts. i shared a room with my cousin, whose name is maria eusebia viray castro. we were both named after our grandmother, she was born a few months after me. long story short – the family always called her Lola which means grandmother in spanish, tagalog and kampanpangan. guess what? my dear cousin Lola likes girls.

the world synchronizes in wonderful ways. thanks, davies brothers for prepping me for the future.


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