conscious living, daily shite, global warming, green earth, new goals, optimism, reduce your carbon imprint

i’m looking at a future that has no car.

am i insane? no, don’t answer that question.

this is really a new viewpoint for me: no car, public transportation good. normally i won’t ride public transport. now i realize that i have to. if i am serious about my contribution to heal this marble, i am going to ride the bus, the tube, whatever, just like everyone else.

of course, i get a few months reprieve until we move to the uk. it would be somewhat ludicrous to live sans auto in atlanta. i would spend all my waking hours getting from point A to point B. i don’t live remotely near anything resembling public transportation in the country. my apartment has access to all sorts, but not necessary because i can walk or take a quick jaunt in the prius.

i am somewhat surprised and proud that i have agreed to this arrangement. mike first suggested the no car idea. i didn’t flinch. let’s wait and see how much i flinch on public transportation, anglo style.



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