addiction, collections, daily shite, music, obsessions

do you remember the residents, pere ubu, 999, gang of four or pigbag? (plus a few words about britpop)

if so, please let me know if you still listen. i do, and find it simultaneously comforting and disturbing.

i can’t determine which is which, the discomfort may be an artifact of the recent sober life to which i’ve subscribed. i can’t tell.

the depths of my brit pop archives are seeing the light of day too. pure enjoyment there. most of the music is still relevant today as most of the artists are still banging around. who ever thought paul weller would still be alive let alone belting out some terrific music? talent still very much intact, voice scratchy but still with us. he does look like a bit of a walnut with a wig. forch, one can listen and not visualize the ravages of the alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. paul remains at the top of my list even with that silly hair”don’t”. as is now, released a few years ago can’t find its way out of my cd changer in the prius. praps i’ll shove in a bit of the jam and style council to keep all iterations company.


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