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a new quarter, the first week.

school is on again. i feel like a boomerang.

spent most of the week in the new digs. they feel right and it’s a comfortable place. i’m glad i selected the place i wanted instead of trying to meet other silly requirements, none of which need to be discussed here. i do need to get the internet situation sorted, so that’s going to be my next goal at my second home.

my girls practically knocked me over today with all the hugs and kisses. it was great to see them again, as i’ve missed them (and mike, of course!) all week. maggie and millie were recalcitrant to eat their food as they wanted a treat instead. mathilda was treated to a feast of cucumbers, carrots, pigglie-wigglie chow and a long lasting treat. she also enjoyed a lengthy coat brushing courtesy of her mum, who was only too happy to spend time with her favorite porcine. mathilda was compliant and did all of her requisite porcine tricks as asked.

millie has now graduated to a fully capable paw-shaker. she hasn’t grasped the concept of “high five” just yet, but i’m sure as she watches maggie get more and more praise for the trick, she’ll catch on quickly.

it is certainly good to be home with my favorite peeps.


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