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fossils, sibling with progeny, fully ensconced at the river house.

why family members visit during very busy times is a mystery to me. i explained i was in school, which everyone knows leaves precious little time for other activities. still, they arrived AFTER the weekend (during which i did have time to spend with them), and have been authentically themselves. even the best of parents drive their children nutso with visits. mike and i built a huge house, hoping the extra space would dissipate some of the tension. it had an effect, but not significant enough for my taste. if they ever come to london, they will be staying in a hotel. small quarters and fussy fossils do not make for a nice visit. everyone needs their space, no?

that said, i am glad they are here. times such these bring up so many conflicting feelings. my sister told me last night that her therapist (who is the child of a pediatrician) asked her what it was like growing up with a surgeon father. after she answered with a healthy flow of tears, the therapist said she didn’t really know how annie could even function. “surgeons are the worst with family communication and presence,” said the therapist. now i have a more specific target onto which i can place heavy blame. you know i am kidding; but it is remarkable how this subject has come up more than once. it can’t be coincidental. or can it?

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the kinks and their song, lola.

after putting a quarter in the jukebox at painted lakes, the kinks’ song “lola” poured out. the four of us sang with the kinks, mouthing every word. my sister annie and i went to the washroom when it occurred to me the lyrics were telling a story. i was only 9 at the time, but i told annie the story. i don’t recall her reaction, i just know even as a child, i had no objections to people having equal clothing rights or homosexuality. it’s my opinion if someone has a strong reaction to either, they’re homophobic or homo or just intolerant. they have also forgotten that humans are animals, just like the tragically caged beings we trap in zoos.

EL – OH – EL – AYE ….LOOOOOOOOOOEEE Laaaaaaaaaahhhhh

fast forward about 12 years. i’m living with filipino relatives in san francisco so i can go to the california college of arts. i shared a room with my cousin, whose name is maria eusebia viray castro. we were both named after our grandmother, she was born a few months after me. long story short – the family always called her Lola which means grandmother in spanish, tagalog and kampanpangan. guess what? my dear cousin Lola likes girls.

the world synchronizes in wonderful ways. thanks, davies brothers for prepping me for the future.

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do you remember the residents, pere ubu, 999, gang of four or pigbag? (plus a few words about britpop)

if so, please let me know if you still listen. i do, and find it simultaneously comforting and disturbing.

i can’t determine which is which, the discomfort may be an artifact of the recent sober life to which i’ve subscribed. i can’t tell.

the depths of my brit pop archives are seeing the light of day too. pure enjoyment there. most of the music is still relevant today as most of the artists are still banging around. who ever thought paul weller would still be alive let alone belting out some terrific music? talent still very much intact, voice scratchy but still with us. he does look like a bit of a walnut with a wig. forch, one can listen and not visualize the ravages of the alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. paul remains at the top of my list even with that silly hair”don’t”. as is now, released a few years ago can’t find its way out of my cd changer in the prius. praps i’ll shove in a bit of the jam and style council to keep all iterations company.

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i’m looking at a future that has no car.

am i insane? no, don’t answer that question.

this is really a new viewpoint for me: no car, public transportation good. normally i won’t ride public transport. now i realize that i have to. if i am serious about my contribution to heal this marble, i am going to ride the bus, the tube, whatever, just like everyone else.

of course, i get a few months reprieve until we move to the uk. it would be somewhat ludicrous to live sans auto in atlanta. i would spend all my waking hours getting from point A to point B. i don’t live remotely near anything resembling public transportation in the country. my apartment has access to all sorts, but not necessary because i can walk or take a quick jaunt in the prius.

i am somewhat surprised and proud that i have agreed to this arrangement. mike first suggested the no car idea. i didn’t flinch. let’s wait and see how much i flinch on public transportation, anglo style.


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procrastinate until it’s too late.

my procrastination skills have become so elite that i now procrastinate long enough that the point is moot. i’ve become a full-on flake. yes, i have passed procrastination and am now in “i’m not going to do it” land. is it laziness? is it ambivalence? is it i could give a rat’s ass about any of it?

all i know is that i am tired. very tired. and cleaning my house, tidying the yard, dusting, organizing my studio–none of it seems important enough to actually “do”.

i may clean some rooms before my family arrives for the spring break visit; it’s the very least i could do. and i mean that.

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a new quarter, the first week.

school is on again. i feel like a boomerang.

spent most of the week in the new digs. they feel right and it’s a comfortable place. i’m glad i selected the place i wanted instead of trying to meet other silly requirements, none of which need to be discussed here. i do need to get the internet situation sorted, so that’s going to be my next goal at my second home.

my girls practically knocked me over today with all the hugs and kisses. it was great to see them again, as i’ve missed them (and mike, of course!) all week. maggie and millie were recalcitrant to eat their food as they wanted a treat instead. mathilda was treated to a feast of cucumbers, carrots, pigglie-wigglie chow and a long lasting treat. she also enjoyed a lengthy coat brushing courtesy of her mum, who was only too happy to spend time with her favorite porcine. mathilda was compliant and did all of her requisite porcine tricks as asked.

millie has now graduated to a fully capable paw-shaker. she hasn’t grasped the concept of “high five” just yet, but i’m sure as she watches maggie get more and more praise for the trick, she’ll catch on quickly.

it is certainly good to be home with my favorite peeps.