bigotry, daily shite, hate crimes, hatred, oxymoron, psych disorders, terrifications

more scary-ness. we should all know about the baddies of the world.

i don’t think i’ve ever experienced such hatred in my many years on this planet. fred phelps hates everything! and it’s so random. the hate gays thing is just the tip of the iceberg. he hates catholics, jews, swedes, the irish, fallen US soldiers killed in iraq, andrew shepard, heath ledger/ jake guyllenhal, and thanks gawd that 9/11 happened. i know, amazing, right?

the young ones

the list of things he tolerates is certain to be shorter.

phelps is a hater, but more importantly, he is one twisted little puppy. step far, far away. there is one comforting thought…he has a mere 70-ish members in his “church” and most of them are related to him. it’s a family affair.

PLEASE NOTE: if the sure to be impending “phelps is actually gay” story hits the presses and you see it before me, please let me know asap!!


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