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is eeyore spreading all the gloom and doom?

it is indeed difficult to remain optimistic in today’s world. yet, if we don’t make that effort, we too can become the eeyore naysayers and keep the cycle of negativity rolling along.

anything can be accomplished. need help? ask for it. need a smile? smile at someone. they’ll most likely return the favor. life got you down? shit happens and there’s nothing anyone can do about the past. it’s gone. what we have is right here, right now. and the possibilities are endless. imagination and action in motion.

to read more about the political aspects of optimism, check out this alexpost from worldchanging.


One thought on “is eeyore spreading all the gloom and doom?

  1. brandon says:

    guess i’ll have read about optimism… nobody else wants to….since i’m the only one that cares….somehow have a positive aspect… not really sure why… heee…..haw….

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