daily shite, health, procrastination, psych disorders, psych drugs, psychology, terrifications

i’m completely cereal when i say i am terrified of dentists, clowns and balloons.

forch, the dentist was the only scary thing i had to endure this week. no clowns or balloons in the vicinity.

i waited until my tooth was killing me to have it repaired [i broke the back half of my back upper molar long before christmas]. i would rather wait until the problem is so bad, so inflamed, so ready to cripple me with pain than go to the dentist as scheduled. i pretend i have no teeth and hope the problem goes away.

this is procrastination. if procrastination were an olympic sport, i would def be a gold medalist.

here is my prediction for procrastination: soon, procrastination will become a proper psychological disorder. it will be listed in the dsm IV and will be diagnosed in profusion that will eclipse bi-polar, adjustment disorder, and other psychology disorder-darlings of the day. drugs are being developed as i write this to dupe the brain into procrastination resistant behavior. as with anti-depressants, this family of drugs will have inconvenient side effects. i don’t know what they will be, but i am certain irony will play a large role.


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