collections, daily shite, museums, online resources, stuff (too much)

as if i didn’t have enough reasons to look at my laptop constantly, VSL points out yet another.

oh, i love very short list. it’s short, has a diagram of three overlapping circles, the center at which the three circles convene = VSL (

today’s revelation is the meta museum, a website of online museums. the meta museum has the usual suspects and other cool stuff. the site has a museum of airline spoons, a gallery of generic mac and cheese packaging and an archive of cereal boxes.

the meta museum can help me work through my collecting issues. i realize now that documentation can take the place of most items i now own. how streamlined does that sound? rows of identically colored and sized binders, filled with images. a personal image bank. a limn library. my very own library of babel! did i just hear borges twirling in his grave?


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