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amazing. in this day and age of getting-anything-you-want-quick-and -without-leaving-the-comfort-of-your -chair, i cannot believe it took over three months to find a proper pair of cordovan penny loafers.

really? penny loafers are eternal! men’s departments always have a selection; even kids have them. why was it so difficult for me to get my penny loafers? i wanted cordovan, just like the shoes i wore in grade school. exactly like them. genuine, 100% genuine penny loafer

not that any of this was planned, but my haircutter keith gave me the same haircut i featured up in 4th grade (it vaguely resembled the picture i brought in for inspiration). i was 9 at the time- that was FORTY years ago. i was wearing penny loafers when i was nine. nice synchronicity.
the plot thickens: whilst i was having my hairs cut, a looked to my right, and in the chair next to me was a young girl wearing saddle shoes. how did she know my next quest was to find some proper saddle shoes?? the saddle shoe thingie might take longer than penny loafers. no worries…i have my penny loafers now and am feeling oh so m0d.


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