daily shite, imagination, peace, politics

i really think, underneath it all, everyone really would like peace.

Antiwar rally in Heroes’ Square, Budapest, Hungary, March 20, 2005

i just read that the war in iraq has gone on for five years. the length of the war isn’t what frightens me. the scary stuff is that i am so preoccupied with this, that and the other to pay attention. christ almighty! five years. i say again and again that i am against the war. and i feel like the nation has really put this on the back burner to pay attention to the center ring: clinton, obama and mccain.

i don’t enjoy living where i vote for the person i hate the least. while i realize this is a fact of the world in which we live, let’s just say i have a very active fantasy life and sometimes can pretend with great success that maybe, just maybe there are some honest people out there who really do want to make a difference. moreover, i can visualize these fictitious beings as powerful individuals, capable of winning a strategic political post.

i would settle for a world in which everyone holds hands, sways and plays nice-nice. too much to ask of animals, my brain tells me in the background. wait for the android version; there may be hope with artificial life. and there is nothing to lose by wishing everyone on the planet a peaceful, clean, sustainable world. imagine it.


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