collections, obsessions, stuff (too much)

got pocket protector?

yesterday i was bleating about collecting and the fallout from same. in my case, i just own a bunch of stuff. now, if there was a way i could sliver down my interests to just one thing, perhaps the piles and boxes and bags would disappear [donating, freebay, selling, etc.]

mercifully, design observer is going to assist me in this goal. i am going to enjoy other peeps’ collections and get rid of mine. and btw, i could read design observer 24/7. here’s some new, insanely weird stuff they’ve dredged up for enjoyment:

pocket protectors []

pencils [] from all over the world. [not a collection per se, an informational site about everything you always wanted to know about drafting pencils but were afraid to ask.] [some of the flight attendant uniforms on this site ROCK. worth a squint just to czech out braniff international.]


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