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do you love animals? help them here. free, quick, easy.

all you have to do is click a violet button and more animals will get food.

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reduce your carbon imprint!

there are so many resources online to guide one into reducing their carbon imprint and living green. i’ll be posting the sites i really like. have a quick squint. you might find some optimistic ideas how you can contribute to a cleaner and smarter planet.
warning: you are going to read the word [and variations] optimistic in my entries. i’ll have a look in my thesaurus for suitable alternatives because repetition is boring unless you’re listening to kraftwerk, daft punk, the chemical brothers, stereolab, etc.]

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is eeyore spreading all the gloom and doom?

it is indeed difficult to remain optimistic in today’s world. yet, if we don’t make that effort, we too can become the eeyore naysayers and keep the cycle of negativity rolling along.

anything can be accomplished. need help? ask for it. need a smile? smile at someone. they’ll most likely return the favor. life got you down? shit happens and there’s nothing anyone can do about the past. it’s gone. what we have is right here, right now. and the possibilities are endless. imagination and action in motion.

to read more about the political aspects of optimism, check out this alexpost from worldchanging.

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more scary-ness. we should all know about the baddies of the world.

i don’t think i’ve ever experienced such hatred in my many years on this planet. fred phelps hates everything! and it’s so random. the hate gays thing is just the tip of the iceberg. he hates catholics, jews, swedes, the irish, fallen US soldiers killed in iraq, andrew shepard, heath ledger/ jake guyllenhal, and thanks gawd that 9/11 happened. i know, amazing, right?

the young ones

the list of things he tolerates is certain to be shorter.

phelps is a hater, but more importantly, he is one twisted little puppy. step far, far away. there is one comforting thought…he has a mere 70-ish members in his “church” and most of them are related to him. it’s a family affair.

PLEASE NOTE: if the sure to be impending “phelps is actually gay” story hits the presses and you see it before me, please let me know asap!!

conscious living, daily shite, global warming, green earth, health, online resources, reduce your carbon imprint

alex steffen: knows the world is going to hell in a handbasket, has ideas to stop the insanity, and he’s optimistic.

when i heard alex steffen speak at aiga last october, i was expecting more of the recycle/green/global warming/ stuff. he did talk about those subjects, but with a big difference. he offered possible solutions, and he was encouraged that we might be able to undo all the shite we’ve done to the planet in time to save our blue marble. alex possesses a wonderful quality that is absent in the gloom-n-doomsayers. he’s optimistic.

the website he edits ( ) is worth a daily visit. the companion book [was designed by stefan sagmeister. alex keeps some good company.]